Why outsourcing your
organisation’s accomodation dilemma
is the best decision you can make.

Find out how we do it

 Whether your business is returning from lockdown or just planning to use your office space more efficiently our team can help you create safe working spaces for your staff.

We provide property and tenancy advice with comprehensive market knowledge and experience

What we do

  • COVID safe operating plans – compliant with evolving legislation 
  • Office accommodation strategies that reconfigure floor space and save rent
  • Lease negotiation to help you downsize
  • Strategies to support remote working and help you collaborate
  • Project management of fit out and refurbishments  
  • Specialised relocation expertise | People and files, IT, phones and other services, temporary space if required. Nothing left behind – nothing forgotten

Why use us?

Exim has at its core a range or expertise insights and solutions designed to make sure your business can thrive in its office environment. We bring years of practical experience and a solid grasp of the current COVID challenges inherent in creating safe working spaces for your business.

In a typical refurbishment or relocation scenario, organisations that self-manage can get distracted with the process and forget about their core business activities. Most don’t foresee the expertise required or the impact these projects have on their time.

Our fixed cost start-to-finish solution addresses this type of situation.

Working with us is simple

We work with you to discover your property needs

We identify the solution and develop the right approach

 You get a complete solution, with ongoing lifecycle management.

We analyse the market using our expertise and current data

You press the button and we make it happen

What we offer


Flexible payment arrangements for any of our consulting services

Complete or ad hoc services

A lower cost alternative to a ‘tenant rep’

 Full life-of-project assistance

 Years of property services expertise


You-centred approach

Get to know the expert

Michael Cusack | Principal Consultant

Michael has over 15 years’ experience across all facets of business services and operations. His project management and operational management skills can be applied to any commercial requirement and particularly required to ensure your business can use your office facilities safely and effectively in the post pandemic environment. He can deliver a range of complex projects including lease negotiations, relocations, fit out and refurbishments.

Michael has the passion and ability to deliver client-centred, innovative solutions and outcomes. Weather you’re looking to develop a completely new strategy or simply need a ‘hands on’, ‘boots on the ground’ approach Michael and Exim have the flexibility to ensure you succeed. His ‘client service first’ philosophy makes Exim a reliable business partner no matter the size of the project or solution you require.

Michael will work with you to identify your situation and understand your requirements.  He’ll assess the risks facing your business and work with you to determine pragmatic, practical and achievable solutions to mitigate those risks.  Then he’ll ‘make it happen’ through his extensive project management experience and network of industry contacts.

But while this experience is impressive, it’s Michael’s ability to really listen and understand what you’re trying to achieve that sets him apart from other commercial property service consultants.